Your first step in connecting here at The Rock is to join us for our Next Steps 101 class entitled “Welcome Home”. During this one hour class you will catch the heart behind the vision of The Rock Family Worship Center. You will learn more about the structure of The Rock, what we believe and experience our core values as a church.


To flourish in the House of God, we all need certain resources. This one-hour class is designed to prepare the ground for you to grow into a mature disciple of Christ. “Planted in the House” walks you through living a life that is pleasing to the Father through intimacy with Jesus and the leading of His Spirit.

When Pastors Rusty & Leisa pioneered The Rock in 1999, God laid out a clear code for building leaders. The seven principles of RELEASE are the lens we look through in every aspect of doing life together as a church and are the standard for our leadership. This 90 minute session will increase your potential for growth as a leader both personally and here at The Rock.

The final step on your roadmap of the Rock Family is a 90 minute class designed to help you find your seat at the table and locate where you fit best at the church. There is no better feeling than identifying what God has gifted you to do and using those gifts to accomplish His purposes. Many of our pastors will be introducing themselves and expressing what God is doing within the ministries of the church. At this time you will be given the opportunity to become a member of The Rock Family as we enjoy a meal together to celebrate your journey through Next Steps!