*Fasting is the spiritual discipline of giving something up to help us focus on God.

A “fast” is a time that an adult may set aside “to go without” food.

It may also be a time that is set aside to “go without” something that you like a lot, that is special to you or takes up a lot of your attention and time so that instead you can focus and give that attention to God.


People fast to concentrate more on God. A fast is a time to get distractions out of the way. During a fast more time than usual is set aside to spend time with God in prayer. Every time the person thinks about the food they would like to eat or the thing they want to do, they will spend time with God instead. A fast requires “sacrifice” which means giving something up that you really like or find important.

As you do without certain things, you are helping your spirit to grow instead.

Basically, fasting is saying, “God, I love you more than I love this thing I am fasting.”

Another reason people fast is to seek God’s answer about something important.


A person may fast a day, a week or even a month. Some people have fasted longer than that.


There are many ways to fast. Some people go without eating food and just drink water during a fast. Some people may go without solid food only, meaning they will drink only water, juice and fruit or protein shakes. Some people may choose to fast only a certain meal every day.

Other people may fast certain types of foods, like meat, sweets and coffee.


Anyone can choose to fast. A fast is a personal decision. That means that it is something between that person and God.


Yes. Some people may fast (or “go without”) things other than food.

Other things that someone may fast might be time spent watching TV or doing something they really like.


There are a lot of Scriptures about fasting in the Bible. Jesus even fasted!

Matthew 6:16-18 actually says, “when you fast”, not “if you fast”.

Some other Verses that talk about fasting are:

Isaiah 58:3-7

Daniel 10:3

Luke 18:12


“Is not this the fast I have chosen? Isaiah 58:6

This corporate fast is a called time of prayer to seek the Lord’s will while abstaining from specific foods and drink for 8 days. Each individual is challenged to choose how you will fast and pray. It will be between you and how the Lord chooses for you to fast. This is not a diet but a biblical discipline for a spiritual purpose. It is best to consult a physician, especially if you have any medical conditions or special dietary needs. Including small children must involve wisdom and common sense. We are not to do anything that would endanger our health and those under our care. If you are unable to participate foodwise, you can select other areas to fast in order to abstain from with prayer. Each must consider their schedule, work, and physical demands to make proper adjustments. We encourage that you seek the counsel of pastors and leaders if you have any questions.

Remember: “According to your faith, be it unto you”—you will get out of this fast what you put into it!


“I understood that the vision concerned events certain to happen in the future—when this vision came to me—I fasted for twenty-one days.

All that time I had eaten no rich foods, no meat or wine crossed my lips; and I used no fragrant lotions until those three weeks passed.”

Daniel 10:1-3 NLT

What to eat on a Daniel Fast:

Vegetables and fruits (fresh/frozen are best. Potatoes, beans, and protein supplements assist with substance)

Various nuts

Pure fruit/vegetable juices (no sweetened drinks or juices)

It is good to take vitamins, herbs, and/or mineral supplements

Fresh juicing and natural smoothies (non dairy)

What not to eat on a Daniel Fast:

Meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs

Sugar products (soft drinks, desserts, processed/sweetened foods)

Liquids including caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks or powdered drinks)

HYDRATION: 8 glasses of water daily are essential from beginning to end.

***There will be side effects at the beginning including headaches, nausea, and weakness. These are evidence your body is detoxing impurities. Taking pain relievers could be helpful here.


Kids should not fast (or “go without”) food because their bodies are growing and it’s important that they eat well and have good nourishment.

A kid should not fast a meal without their parents permission.

What kinds of things can a kid fast?

A kid can fast other things instead of meals, like candy and sweets. Also things like, soda, popcorn, chocolate, ice cream, or any of favorite foods.

Other things kids may want to fast can be watching TV, playing with certain toys & video games, technology (computers and cell phones) and/or social media.

What are some things I can do during the fast?

Set aside time to talk to God in prayer.

Not only talk to Him, but also be quiet, still and listen with your spirit.

Read the Bible, (this is another way God speaks to us).

Listen to praise and worship music or songs about God.

What are some “Do’s and Don’ts” of fasting for kids?

First, always ask God what YOU should or shouldn’t do.

DO spend time with Him in prayer, the Word and quiet time

DO listen to praise and worship music.

DO things that show God you love him like:

Feed the hungry (volunteer at Manna House)

Pray for other people.

Obey God.

Obey your parents.


Do your chores without complaining.

DO tell someone if you’re not feeling well.

DON’T fast meals or food without getting your parents permission.

DON’T eat certain foods or snacks you have decided not to eat.

DON’T show off to your friends that you are fasting. Remember this is a special personal time between you and God.

Some things to ask God during your prayer time:

What can I give up for a day or a week to show you that I love you?

What do You want me to do with the time I am setting aside for You?

Is there anyone special You want me to talk to about You or serve in a special way?

Is there anyone that is hungry or in pain I can help today?

Is there anything in my life that does not please you that I can get rid of?