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We’ve discovered that even in these early formative years our children have a high capacity to learn and grow in teachings of Jesus.


  • Original curriculum with classroom lessons
  • Large group worship in the Wonder Works Factory
  • Small group connection time



Children stay in their classrooms and learn about God, Jesus, The Bible and worship using curriculum that provides repetition, interaction and music.

2 YRS – K5

Creative classes geared toward making the Bible come alive. We attempt to appeal to the unique learning styles of children by including teaching in groups while using visual, audio and tactile materials to aid in their understanding.

A Rock Kids Elementary service gives children a chance to see how much fun can be had when building a personal relationship with God. A service consists of a time of worship, teaching, alter ministry and fun! We provide an opportunity for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus and to hear from God and be transformed by His love.


410 Crew is a group of trained middle school and high school teenagers that help minister to the children during services. If you have a child in your family that would be interested in joining 410 Crew please let us know.

What can my child expect?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

Your child can expect to have a great time in Rock Kids!

Kids Quest ministry is designed for children in 1st – 5th grades. Kid’s Quest is a safe and friendly environment for growing minds to learn the story of Jesus. We encourage young minds to use the messages from the past to make decisions in their future. In Kids Quest, children will experience a service full of worship, drama, exciting messages and unique games geared to teach them all about the Lord.

Wonder Works has created its own curriculum for ages two through kindergarten. For our rooms where a lesson is taught, your child can expect 20 minutes of play time followed by 15 minutes of a classroom lesson. After this classroom lesson, the children will attend a large group worship service in the Wonder Works Factory. This teaching time is high energy and full of puppets, drama and worship. After their time in the Wonder Works Factory, children will break up into small groups, in their classroom, and have a coloring sheet to work on while talking with a small group leader about what they have learned. If time permits, there will be additional playtime at the end of the service.

If your child is in one of our Nursery rooms we will play with your babies while providing diaper changes, feeding, any other care needs. Please note, in order to meet the needs of all children, we are unable to spoon-feed children. The children will also receive a mini lesson including who Jesus is, what the Bible is and how to praise the Lord!

How old must I be to serve in Rock Kids?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00
  • All volunteers in the nursery classes must be 16years old or have a safe sitter license
  • All Wonder Works servant leaders be at least 16 years old to serve in a classroom or ten years old and serve with a parent in a classroom
  • Kids Quest servant leaders must be 18 years old, or in 6th grade and completed a young leader training class
When can I drop off and pick up my child?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

You can drop off your child 15 minutes before the service begins. There must be two leaders in the room in order to drop off your child. Please pick up your child no later than 10 minutes after the service ends.

How can I become a Rock Kids Servant Leader Volunteer?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

Stop at the Guest Information Desk to find out more information. We are currently looking for Rock Kids Servant Leader Volunteers who can commit to serving a regular rotation. All are background-checked and trained.

What is required of the families of Rock Kids age children?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

Once your family has decided that you would like the Rock Family Worship Center to be your church, we ask that at least one member of the child’s household serve at least once a month. This is vital to continue to run Rock Kids in excellence. By the whole family being a part of Rock Kids, families begin to see what their children are taught, incorporate it into the home and create new and lasting friendships with other families of the Rock Family Worship Center.

How do I know my kids are safe?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

Our number one goal is to take care of your kids and keep them safe.

Below are some of the ways we keep children safe:

  • When you check your children in at the computer stations you receive two ID tags, one tag for you and one for your child. On each of your tags you will notice an ID number. Your number matches your child’s number. When you pick up your child at the end of service the volunteer servant leaders will check you and your child out based on these matching numbers. If you lose your sticker, please see guest information to receive a new sticker. You will always be asked to show a photo ID in this situation
  • All Rock Kids adult volunteers have been cleared through a national background check. We value your trust and we will not put any unsafe leaders in their classroom
  • All Rock Kids volunteers attend a training class to learn the heart of Rock Kids Ministries and the policies and procedures we follow
  • If you have any additional questions please email Rock Kids Ministries at
Can my two-year-old and four-year-old children be in the same class?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

No. Every room in Rock Kids s is specifically designed for each age in an effort to provide the best possible learning environment for your child(ren).

As a parent, can I go into the room?2018-12-04T19:26:28+00:00

For security purposes, we ask that all parents stay on the outside of the half doors. All of the servant leader volunteers in each room have been background checked. If you would like to be in the room with your child, you may become a Rock Kids servant leader volunteer by completing the mandatory background check and attending the Rock Kids 101 training class.

What if my child has special needs?2019-05-07T20:34:12+00:00

We are so glad you are interested in allowing us to minister to your child with special needs! As this is a highly specific program, we need to verify that we are equipped to meet the needs of your child prior to enrollment. Please fill out this form to initiate the application process.

Do you have a child with special needs?

Our Champions’ Sensory Center (located at the Huntsville Campus) would love to serve you.

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