Parenting During Quarantine – Thursday 7:00 PM

Matt & Traci Tidmore

Let’s face it… parenting is tough and during this quarantine it can be a monumental challenge! Come hear powerful biblical truths and expert tips from some of our student pastors about teaching your children to hear God’s voice, the 3 D’s of discipline, and other tips to help your kids thrive!  This class is for parents with children of all ages.


Marriage Matters – Thursday 6:30 PM

Jeff & Helen Purcell

Statistics show that this pandemic has brought unprecedented stresses on marriages over the last few months. With pressures ranging from finances, to kids, to health concerns, or just being around each other 24/7, now is the time to invest in our marriages not only to make them last, but make them flourish!


Battle of the Mind – Monday 7:00 PM

Marshall McGill and Wayne & Alicia Gale

This isolation has caused a lot of challenges during this pandemic, especially when it comes to fear, anxiety, and battling temptations. Come get equipped by counselor Marshall McGill to help us break free of our toxic patterns and see Jesus reign in our thoughts as He fights for us in the Battle of the Mind.


Transforming Faith – Thursday 7:00 PM

Terry & Cheryl Bennett

Jesus loves to give us that clean slate, that fresh start in our relationship with Him. Join this discipleship group where you will dive deeper into your relationship with Him! Learn to lean into God in this moment, awaken a fresh love for Him, and start seeing life-transforming truth shape our lives!


Young Adult Meetup – Monday 7:00 PM

Adam & Lindsey Nelson

More than ever, we need real genuine connection. Meet up with other young adults (18-35) for a time of community, bible study, discipleship, growth, and fun. Our fearless leaders Pastors Adam & Lindsey Nelson can’t wait to connect with you!