We dream because God dreams.
Made in his image, we also imagine.
A reality not yet here.
A version of our world, waiting to appear.

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Rock Kid’s Sanctuary

Our Elementary ministry serves grades 1 through 5 every Sunday. We plan to create a brand new stage, arcade, and traffic flow to house and inspire kids in the vibrant, innovative space themed ”Rock Kids City”.


Next Generation Spaces

The 2nd floor is utilized for ministering to the Next Gen. Phase 2 will finish out these spaces. From sprinklers to bathrooms to flooring, we will complete our halls and rooms for SHE girls, Rangers, Champion’s rooms, GED & homeschool classes.


Physical Symbol of Racial Reconciliation

The Cross represents the cost of freedom. When we remember the price Jesus paid to redeem our world back to God’s design, we find the truth that unity is built upon. We plan to build a sign to the city that elevates the cross and creates a prayer garden centered around our core belief that Jesus is the answer to racism. This Cross garden will facilitate baptisms, weddings, and personal prayer.