Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a typical week look like for a Rock College student?

Our Rock College classes are released each week on a simple and user-friendly website that takes you step by step through each interactive video-based teaching. Both our Core and Elective Track classes take around 40 minutes each. You will then work on the homework assigned each week that applies what you learn in the lesson.
Each student is assigned to a “virtual table” or in person cohort of 7-8 students in the same track. You will meet weekly with your table for discussion, projects, and prayer. These are where friendships develop and you can walk out what you learn in community.
3-5 times a year, Rock College hosts powerful live events for connection, conferences, and hands-on workshops. While these events can all be attended virtually, we recommend every student to make an effort to join us in-person at least once a year.

Can I apply if I do not attend The Rock?

Yes! The mission of Rock College is to equip the whole body of Christ for ministry. We work with other local churches to help train and empower their leaders to be even greater resources to their congregation in ministry proficiency, biblical understanding, and leadership. We’d love to answer any questions your pastor might have!

How do I know which program is the best for me?

If you are a busy professional and have 3-5 hours each week to dig into the word, our EDUCATE program is the perfect route. It will give you college-level teaching in an interactive learning community that will grow your understanding of the Bible, deepen your personal walk with God, and empower you in the ministries in which you serve. If you want to become a high-capacity leader in your church and can invest 5-8 hours per week, our EQUIP program is your path. It also helps you take a deep-dive into the Word, develop pastoral skills, and empowers you to step into any church and make an immediate impact.

Can I switch programs in Rock College (from EQUIP to EDUCATE or vice versa)?

Yes, it is possible to switch programs at Rock College, but it’s not ideal. After you apply, our interview process is designed to help you solidify which program is right for you.

Do I receive an accredited Bible College degree from Rock College?

No, one of the primary goals of Rock College is to provide college-level classes without the high cost of an accredited degree program. That is why Rock College is offered at a fraction of the cost of a typical Bible College degree. Instead of college credit, we focus on empowering students to deepen their walk with Christ as a disciple and make a greater impact in your church.

Does Rock College offer any scholarships?

Rock College does not offer scholarships or financial assistance, however, we provide Serve Team opportunities for those who want to help and receive discounts. We are looking for students with experience in admin, social media, tear down/setup, merchandise sales, and hospitality for our live events.

Are there discounts available for pastors?

Yes, our heart is to empower pastors for greater ministry in the mist of a busy schedule. Please contact to see if you are eligible for a pastor’s discount.

What is the weekly time commitment for Rock College?

While the time commitment is based on the program you choose, both are designed to work with your busy schedule.
– EDUCATE Students can expect 2.5 hours of class time & discussion and 1 hour of homework each week.
– EQUIP Students can expect 2.5 hours of class time & discussion, 2 hours of homework, and 3 hours of serving in their apprenticeship each week.

What will our class time look like?

A key ingredient of Rock College is to provide an interactive learning community that is discussion-rich and project-driven rather than a typical lecture/test format. Our mission is to pattern after Jesus’ model of discipleship: He would not only teach, but would also have His disciples immediately apply what they learned all in the context of community.