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Day Eight: Meekness

MEEKNESS (prasia) — mildness and moderation in disposition towards God and others; humility; flexible and considerate of others; a submission that trusts

Day Eight: Meekness2019-01-06T06:05:57+00:00

Day Seven: Faithfulness

FAITHFUL (pistis/pistōs) – credence; conviction; reliance; fidelity of belief, truth, and relationship; trustworthy; validity of proven character based on stewardship of a

Day Seven: Faithfulness2019-01-06T06:04:04+00:00

Day Six: Goodness

GOODNESS (agathosne)— uprightness of heart and life; a fundamental disposition of positive outcome and right intentions expressed in generous selfless acts towards

Day Six: Goodness2019-01-06T06:03:57+00:00

Day Five: Kindness

KINDNESS (chrestoēs) – goodness; gentleness; benevolent, sharing and caring; excellence in character and countenance; a loving kindness which encompasses one’s words, demeanor,

Day Five: Kindness2019-01-09T15:01:47+00:00

Day Four: Patience

PATIENCE (makrothumia) – longsuffering; forbearance; the power to refrain and restraint in waiting; fortitude in pausing or waiting until something occurs or

Day Four: Patience2019-01-09T15:01:19+00:00

Day Three: Peace

PEACE (eirene) – to join peace; quiet prosperity; harmonious inner being and relationship with God and men; a sense of resting; contentment;

Day Three: Peace2019-01-06T05:55:25+00:00

Day Two: Joy

JOY (chara) – cheerfulness; calm delight; gladness; an anointing that exceeds circumstances and can even be experienced in sorrow and mourning; holy

Day Two: Joy2019-01-06T05:55:04+00:00

Day One: Love

LOVE (agapetos) – beloved; dearly loved; divine love which is the purest of loves that is unconditional, steadfast, and never fails; it

Day One: Love2019-01-06T05:54:52+00:00




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